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Covelto: A Shopping Experience Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Social Media

Founder & CEO: Nisha Prakash


Imagine a shopping experience that is YOU. One that is customised, one that uncovers your personality through your online profiles and curates a list that you want to see.

If you think scrolling through pages of online shopping galleries is a waste of time and what you want to see are pages of items curated for you, Covetlo is for you.  A social-commerce platform focused on India but with a vision and potential to go Global. Covetlo is an AI Integrated, data driven product search, discovery and sharing platform, which helps buyers streamline their online shopping time by profiling their online personality and building product recommendation based on their interest and social behaviour. You then take your social circles along on the ride and can seek their comments and thoughts or even ransack their lists! The options are endless.

Why we love Covelto: The thought of surprising a friend with an item from her Covetlo sounds pretty sweet!


Globally Spotted by: Deepak Goel