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My Torch: The Smart, WI-FI Router Making The Internet Safer for Families

Co-Founder & CEO: Shelley Prevost


Some people try to make the internet a scary place. A place that’s not safe for children. When you think about it though, the internet is the perfect place for a child. It’s a playground of new ideas. A digital wonderland of discovery.

MyTorch, is a WI-FI router that removes all the bad and ugly from the internet leaving the good so that you can feel at ease and not need to worry about always looking over your children’s shoulder to make sure that they are surfing safely and not landing on explicit sites. Retailing for $249.99 the My Torch router is not just a stylish design, it gives you the power to pause the internet in the entire household or just for specified profiles, you can set customised bedtimes for each of your children, filter and block innappropriate browsing and get real time reports on what your child is surfing and for how long. This is not the “Big Brother” of WiFi routers, it is a way for kids to explore, grow, and learn.

Why we love My Torch: My Torch puts the parents or caregivers in charge and also encourages discussion on staying safe online.


Globally Spotted by: Babou Olengha-Aaby