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Saint Harridan: Masculine Clothing For Women and Transmen

Founder & CEO: Mary Going


Saint Harridan has created a line of suits designed to fit your unique body and gender. Their suits and clothing feature a sleek masculine cut — re-engineered for women and transmen.

In 2008 when California granted equal marriage rights, founder Mary Going and her partner were excited to make it legal. Then it dawned on Mary that she really had nothing to wear for their special ceremony.  Shopping for men’s suits was humiliating and frustrating so Mary had no choice but to get a custom suit made.

The suit, made her feel confident and great and at 41 years old, she felt that it was the first time she had dressed from her own closet. It was too fantastic not to share this. Mary says that high-end men’s suits are like sculptures. So redesigning them to fit women and transmen wasn’t just a matter of changing the measurements. They needed to alter the structure, but do it in a way that would still be viable from a manufacturing perspective.

Saint Harridan was born to offer the highest quality ready-to-wear suits, dress shirts and accessories to help women and transmen feel confident and smart.  This is an immense value to those who can’t just pick a suit off the rack, as most departmental stores and clothing companies don’t still cater to the trans and queer community.  Plus for the fact that this is $8 billion market,  Saint Harridan makes a lot of business sense.

Why we love Saint Harridan: The company has a unique social purchasing or crowdsourced model to test out new designs that tap the market for initial reviews and in turn offer discounts to early adopters.


Globally Spotted by: Sean Percival, Partner 500 Startups